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In 1995, the Present Ultra One Formulation was originally developed to create a safe, non-caustic, mild, water-based cleansing detergent capable of capturing and neutralizing air pollution generated from coal-burning power plant smoke stacks. Ultra One achieved the highest capture rate and neutralization of hydrocarbons and sulfur dioxide results presently held in this field application, and was found to effectively and safely clean and sanitize air both in and out of the building.
In 1999, Ultra One was submitted to the NY NJ Port Authority to test and evaluate the effectiveness of the Ultra One formulation as a possible cleaning and degreasing agent for the removal of heavy exhaust hydrocarbon residue, along with the daily dirt and grime associated with the large volume of traffic that passes through the tunnels each week.
Test results from the Port Authority proved Ultra One to be indisputably superior to all of the previously used cleaning products in both performance and safety. Shortly after the test results were submitted for review, The Ultra One Corporation was chosen by the NY NJ Port Authority to be the replacement cleaning system for the Lincoln & Holland Tunnel Walls, and The Ultra One Corporation immediately increased manufacturing to support the demand.
Later On
Ultra One had proven itself to be a powerful, effective and safe cleaner, and the test trials from the NY NJ Port Authority launched the product into the industrial market, and continued to be submitted to consumer and industrial test market trials, proving its amazingly powerful and even more amazingly safe and environmentally friendly capabilities. In 2007, just before the financial crisis, WD-40 was performing independent product studies for possible acquisition. While the financial crisis froze all new ventures under way by the company at that time, the test results were clear. Ultra One Out-Performed every major cleaner on the market in both safety and effectiveness. 
Ultra One Today
In the years since its first Eco-friendly industrial debut and later discovery by the NY NJ Port Authority, Ultra One has been sold to over 5,000 individuals and entities with a 100% money back guarantee. Not only has there never been a request for a refund, but customer reviews and testimonials have flooded in by mail, email and phone. So many of our industrial clients had taken the product home and raved about it's safe, nearly odorless (it smells like soap bubbles!) home applications, that we launched UltraOneClean.com in Fall of 2013 to finally serve the Consumer Market.